CCL Tech

Your ultimate supply chain solution for cross-border eCommerce

Bridging the gap between traditional bulk freight forwarding and individual parcel processing

Our eCommerce logistics solutions go beyond the ordinary, offering state-of-the-art data tools that boost productivity and give our clients a distinct competitive advantage. CCL's eCommerce gateway logistics services are meticulously crafted to seamlessly bridge this gap, empowering freight forwarders to compete in the eCommerce logistics sector, even beyond their initial expectations.

CCL Tech offers a suite of innovative solutions to simplify various aspects of international commerce.

  • MyCCL revolutionises customs declarations for eCommerce and FBA shipments, streamlining operations in the UK and EU markets.  
  • Customs ePay provides an easy, accurate, and cost-effective platform for import duty and tax payments on DDU parcels.
  • eTurns offers an efficient and hassle-free returns processing solution for eCommerce businesses dealing with international returns and duty drawback.

CCL Tech's commitment is to enhance the efficiency and convenience of cross-border trade.

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