Customs ePay

Simplifying Duty and VAT Payments for DDU Shipments

Introducing Customs ePay - your import payment platform for DDU Shipments. Paying import duty and tax for DDU parcels online can be a hassle. But it doesn't have to be. At CCL, we're committed to making it easy, accurate, cost-effective, and efficient for you. Customs ePay streamlines import duty and VAT payments. It's designed for simplicity.

Key Benefits of Customs ePay:

Streamlined Payments: Say goodbye to delays. Three clicks swiftly complete your payments, leading to automated release upon confirmation. Customs ePay offers seamless online and mobile import tax collection, integrating with credit card for convenience.

Automated Release on Payment Receipt: Customs ePay ensures rapid processing of import duty and VAT payments, automating the release of goods upon payment confirmation, eliminating delays, and expediting customs procedures.

Mobile Apps for Android and Apple: Access Customs ePay effortlessly through mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

Scheduled Reminders via Email and SMS: Stay on top of payments with scheduled email and SMS reminders, enhancing convenience.

Branding for Each Gateway: Customs ePay provides dedicated tool branding for each gateway, enhancing trust and payment conversion.

Accepting All Payment Methods: Our platform's user-friendliness, accuracy, affordability, and efficiency are complemented by compatibility with payment methods including Visa and Mastercard.

Ready for a Smoother Import Tax Journey?

Experience the ease of Customs ePay today. Reach out to our dedicated Business Development team at sales@ccllhr.comto learn more. Your smoother import tax journey starts here.

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