Your Complete Returns Processing Solution Puts Returns at Your Fingertips​

At CCL, we understand the challenges of returning goods in a time-consuming market flooded with undeliverable and unwanted items. 62% of shoppers would stop buying from a brand after a poor return experience (Signifyd, 2023), and 86% of eCommerce buyers consider the return policy while making purchasing decisions. The average e-commerce return rate is between 20-30%, depending on the industry (Gitnux, 2023)

Introducing your ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free returns processing. Whether you're dealing with international eCommerce returns or striving to recover duties and taxes, eTurns has got you covered.

Why Choose CCL eTurns?

  • Seamless Returns Journey: Experience a streamlined and efficient parcel return process with eTurns. We make returns stress-free for both you and your customers.
  • Duty Drawback Service: Let us help you recover import VAT and/or Duty when parcels fail to reach the consignee or when the consignee chooses to return items.
  • Data-Specific Returns: Our solution utilizes data-driven returns processes, ensuring accuracy and providing clear reasons for returns. In partnership with Clicksit Returns, we've automated your returns processing through a single hub system.
  • Reduction in Customer Inquiries: eTurns significantly reduces customer inquiries, saving your teams valuable time and resources.
  • Paperless Returns: Committed to sustainability, we offer a paperless returns process, making an eco-friendly choice.

Ready to Supercharge Your Returns Process?

Are you prepared to provide an exceptional experience for your customers and drive business growth? Connect with our Business Development team today at to learn more about CCL eTurns and how it can benefit your business.

How to Use eTurns  

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